Becoming ‘the Glue’ of the Marketing Team

I am often asked – “why did you take the Springboard, Digital Marketing Certification?” My answer is simple, to further my career and become “the glue” of a marketing team.  This article by Geoff Roberts at Springboard, explains my journey and how I became that glue.

Barbara Kalicki spent 12 years working in the financial services industry before she found herself, accidentally, falling into her first marketing role.

“I was tasked with taking over social media and SEO because the manager I was working for at the time had no experience in those areas,” she said. “I’m pretty technically inclined, so my manager said, ‘I don’t want to deal with social media or SEO, can you handle it?’”

Excited by the opportunity to develop a new skill set, Barbara jumped headfirst into learning about social media, email marketing, and SEO by devouring content online and taking whatever courses she could find. But just as her excitement was growing, her position at the company was cut and she found herself back on the job market.


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