Author: Barbara Kalicki

Barbara brands herself as a “Digital Marketing Intellectual” for the financial services industry and has progressed in various marketing and project management roles over the last 15 years. Barbara holds an MBA in International Business from Roosevelt University, is a Hootsuite Social Marketing Certified Professional and a member of the Social Media Marketing Society specializing in digital marketing campaigns to improve brand awareness  utilizing email marketing, social media and analytics.  Focusing on measurable digital marketing and social media campaigns designed for lead generation, Barbara manages the planning, development and implementation of a range of strategies for financial services clients. She continuously seeks to keep up with industry trends while dedicating her time and knowledge to “passion projects.” Currently, she combines these tactics with her love of hip-hop as the Social Media Producer for Midway: The Story of Chicago Hip-Hop to increase awareness and help fund this independent documentary project.

Need a Content Marketing Strategy Goal? Get SMART!

Most financial firms with a successful online presence that drives lead generation tend to have one thing in common: they have a well-planned and operational content marketing strategy in place. Even if your firm may already be reaping the benefits of posting content on a regular basis… does your content marketing strategy revolve around an actual goal? Central…