Jack Nadel International – Robert Lieberman

Let me start by saying that if I had a positional available for Barbara Kalicki I would have hired her by now. Barbara possesses numerous attributes that make her a tremendous asset to any employer. Her work ethic is admirable to say the least as her level of efficiency and productivity. Barbara manages multiple tasks with exceptional efficiency. She is definitely a “team player” and has always worked well with others. Aside from her perpetual positive attitude and the traits mentioned above Barbara is HIGHLY intelligent which is an element that results in the advanced level of project management, problem solving and the overcoming of obstacles I have witnessed over time. I am often used as a source of referral but rarely do I have an opportunity to provide input for an individual of such value. It will not take long for that claim to be validated by any future employer of hers. I learned long ago being on the “hiring” side of the equation to provide honest and accurate feedback / input when questioned as a source of referral.

Robert Lieberman
VP of Brand Consulting at Jack Nadel International